AI & Data-Driven Marketing 
for Business Growth​

We believe something worth doing, is worth doing right!

Digital Transformation

The last thing you can afford in your business — is the belief that digital transformation is somebody else’s problem. more...

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing solutions can include any number of activities. That said, we focus on brand positioning, market research, campaign execution, and program analytics. more...

Customer Acquisition

Your business may be ecommerce or requires qualified leads to keep a salesforce busy, the marketing effort required starts with a deep understanding of your business environment. more...

Matters Group Client - Expedition Trips
Matters Group Client - Microsoft
Matters Group Client -  Expedia
Matters Group Client - Adaptive Bio Technologies
Matters Group Client - Banner Bank

Data Into Action

The Matters Group has developed attitudinal research, eBooks, white papers, and segmentation-based proprietary consumer research that gets at the core motivations of what consumers want.

eBooks. Covering topics from AI/Advanced Analytics in Marketing, Branding & Lead Generation and more.
aAse Studies
White Papers. Insights on attitudinal segmentaion-based of speciality consumers in Experiential Travel and more.
Cannabis Research
Cannabis Research Matters Group was the first to do proprietary research in this emerging back in 2014 — and we continue to do so.