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research, data science, & business intelligence

With data now available in many forms generated from many different sources, a disciplined approach is needed to turn data into insights and insights into actionable plans. The Matters. Group has partnered with Cascade Strategies to deliver best-in-class data science and business intelligence services to the cannabis market. Previous collaborations have yielded our groundbreaking qualitative survey of cannabis consumer brand motivations which defined four market segments.


Brand attribute preferences of cannabis consumers have never been studied before. Our groundbreaking research helps to establish a framework for communicating to the cannabis consumer.

data science

Data Science principles can be applied to a variety of situations where a deeper understanding is needed to make an informed decision. Where patterns can be uncovered trends and preferences can be understood. As a result of cannabis being an underground industry for decades, there is very little data that can be relied upon. Our practice taps into client data such as sales trends, company financials, website traffic patterns, and third party sources to create models that improve your bottom line. Example solutions include developing the best retail product mix for a trade area, selecting most effective advertising options and identifying preferred locations for real estate investments.

business intelligence

Our team of analysts can work with you to identify internal and external streams of data and recommend ways to most efficiently collect it and analyze it to enable you to make informed business decisions.

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We not only know what attitudinal segments your cannabis brand should target, but how to make them your customers. Check out our portfolio to learn more about what we’ve accomplished for our clients.