Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness means understanding what investors are looking for in your business idea or opportunity. It's a set of documents and structured presentations that help them decide if they want to make an investment in you. Without these documents and presentations to present, from their point of view, they won't have enough of the right info to evaluate your opportunity.

Without a proper valuation, you risk getting a bad deal from an investor - or worse yet.  No deal at all.

If you've ever been through an investor meeting.  You already know that it's often (rarely) "fun".  The process is designed to question every aspect of your idea, your market, your product, and YOU.  It's the potential investor's job to pick every aspect of these apart to ensure that you have considered every scenario, eventuality, and potential roadblock - before they part with one red cent.

Remember, just because you are sitting next to someone with money to invest. That doesn't mean you are going to get some of it.

How We Can Help - The Process

As you well know, for most investor presentations it’s a one-time opportunity to tell your story, gain interest and explain how investors will see a return. It is amongst the most high-pressure situations a founding leadership team will be involved in. Yet when successful, it can be life-changing.

In competitive and early-stage industries what distinguishes companies in the position their brand takes. Even in pre-revenue operations, the intended direction of the brand is a key element for investors. While a return on the investment is what investors ultimately seek, the emerging brand and its position in the market conveys and defines early-stage priorities.
All of this said the most important thing to remember is that, ultimately, the investor is investing in YOU and YOUR TEAM.  How well you know your product, its market, competitors, and hard number financials.  
The only way for you to know all of these well enough to enter into a negotiation with any level of investor is to go through the process.  It's detailed, grueling and often times it isn't fun. But if funding is needed to get your dream off the ground then working with an expert to create the necessary assets is the only way of getting it.  How do we know?  Because we've been there. Done that.

Investor Summary Sheets
      • Introductory snapshot of the business opportunity that can be shared quickly to gauge interest from potential investors, up to 3 versions targeting unique investor profiles.
      • Investor summary sheets are used to guide the initial pitch discussions in a step-by-step manner.
      • Includes all the top-level categories of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
        This key piece of the project will be the means by which details of the company and the opportunity are communicated to potential investors. Elements will include the following:

A detailed description and plans for the business opportunity
      Depending upon the opportunity – some or all of the items below:
      • The Problem(s)
      • The Solution(s)
      • Lines of business
      • The Market
      •  Industry, Competitors, SWOT analysis
      • Sustainable Competitive Advantages (SCA)
      • Marketing Strategy
      • Sales Strategy
      • Leadership Team
      • Existing and/or Pro Forma Financials
      • Usage of Funds
      • Boilerplate Risks and Disclaimers
      • The ”Ask”, and investment process.
Investor Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation for use when conversing with or presenting to investors. This document captures previously mentioned deliverables and organizes the presentation into a cohesive and succinct presentation that delivers your message about why you are worth the investment.

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