Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the process of bringing new customers or clients to your business. The goal of this process is to create a systematic, sustainable acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes. Customer acquisition is essential for businesses of any size, industry, age and business model. Hubspot

It's our job to collaborate with you and determine the best way to develop a sustainable cost-effective pipeline of new customers. 

Whether it’s acquiring your first customers, expanding an existing base, or entering a new market, customer acquisition is the lifeblood of business. Developing a base of new customers is absolutely essential to staying in the game. Without customers, companies die. Your business may be ecommerce or requires qualified leads to keep a salesforce busy, the marketing effort required starts with a deep understanding of your business environment. 

Customer acquisition programs developed and managed by The Matters Group include lead generation and ecommerce program management for B2B or B2C markets. Our focus is on digital marketing and integrating digital media with non-digital marketing initiatives to put your message in front of qualified audiences. Done properly a customer acquisition strategy targets customer markets with the most potential to be your best customers. This approach results in a maximized return on your marketing investments - or said another way, increased sales and right-sized media.

Sales cycles can be complex and lengthy or spontaneous. Our process starts with an in depth conversation to learn about your business and your customers. From there we develop a strategic roadmap and the tactical mix of activities designed to increase awareness of your brand, educate the audience on the value your products provide and spur them to take action. Our digital customer acquisition can include a multitude of activities which includes but is not limited to a mix of the following: 

  • Research to understand the motivations and characteristics of your best customers
  • Brand positioning if it's unclear to the market,
  • A review, refresh or development of creative assets that delivers your message,
  • Paid digital media channels such as; Google Ads, display, social ads, boosted content, sponsored content, 
  • Earned media consulting to develop an outreach plan,
  • Shared media strategies for developing communities and partnerships where exposure is shared with others,
  • Owned media or that which you control such as the website, SEO, content, video/audio, to tell your brand story,
  • Analytics that provides program and audience insights, key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance reports.

 The resulting media mix of strategy and tactical execution plan are developed uniquely for your brand and to support your stated goals. We know each and every business has unique factors which impact both day to day and long term operations. Contact us and let's talk about how your organization can energize your customer acquisition program. 

"All the money you don't have right now. Is in someone else's hands. Your job is to figure out how to get them to part with it."   Unknown

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