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creative & design

Everything you distribute that represents your business and product should carry the same impression, tone, and visual cues to make it easy for your audience to notice, remember and eventually recognize your product or brand. Your creative can take any shape you like, our award winning designers make sure it’s not only interesting and emotionally compelling, but that it’s on strategy and delivers your brand message.


How a brand is applied to the packaging for your product is important. Everything you distribute that represents your business and product should carry the same impression, tone, and visual cues to make it easy for your audience to notice, remember and eventually recognize your product or brand. It should also be noticeable and memorable, especially if your product needs to stand out on a dispensary shelf. Whether you are introducing a new brand to the market, or simply releasing a new product, our creative team will work with you to develop the right packaging and display to represent it in its best possible light.

print collateral

Even though much content consumption nowadays happens online, if you have a business and you produce a product or service of any type, you will still need print marketing materials to share with consumers and partners. Our award winning creative team translates your brand platform into product sheets, brochures, business cards, posters and other marketing collateral to professionally represent your business and brand. We will also work with you to develop marketing messaging and can assist with printing and production. Regardless of the format, we will make sure that your brand message comes across loud and clear.


Content is king and critical for communicating your message to your audience, but it takes time and effort to maintain a steady output of high quality, engaging and useful blog posts, articles and news updates. If your internal team is at capacity for copywriting, we have the experienced writers and editors who can augment your efforts. We can handle it all, from copywriting for your website, to blogging, article and press release writing. Our communications team can take on newsletter production, email marketing and create copy for your brochures for online promotion and print collateral.


Whether you need high quality product photography for your website or marketing collateral, want to showcase your retail space, need group or individual photos of your crew for the “About” page of your website or informal snapshots to share on Facebook or Instagram, we got you covered. First impressions matter. Right or wrong, the quality of the photographs of your product do greatly influence customers’ perception of your product and your brand. If you make a high quality product, the imagery of that product and your brand that you share with the world should reflect that quality.

trade shows

Whether you need to design branded displays for a booth at Hempfest, a basic tabletop display for a local event, or need a fully customized booth for the next Marijuana Business Conference, our creative team is here to help. We will ensure that your display graphics tie in visually with your existing marketing materials and represent your brand, message and company in a visually appealing and memorable way. Our creative team will work with you and your preferred display production vendor to ensure that the final display represents your brand well. We can also advise on form factors, and if need be, help you find the right partner to print or build the displays for you.


Infographics represent one of the most shareable content formats. They are a visually appealing, easy to consume way to express complex ideas, illustrate processes, tell a story or educate your audience. They are also a great way to promote your own thought leadership on a specific topic. When part of your content strategy and planned into your social media effort, they are a great vehicle for distributing your ideas and your brand to a wide audience. How you tell the story in the infographic matters for how well received and how widely distributed it will be. Our creative and content team members will work with you on the concept, script, copy and design for your infographic. We can also deliver print ready versions of infographics if you wish to use them for print placement or incorporate them as part of your marketing collateral.


Video consumption on line is on the rise. People still read, but if they can watch a “how-to” or explainer video, they pick that. Instructional videos, short videos featuring your team, your work, your product or your service are a great way way to share your company culture and the voice of your brand with your target audience. We recommend that all our clients consider video as part of their content mix. We have the team to help you do that. We can shoot on site if you need a crew, or work with your team to shoot video and optimize it before you put it on your website or upload it to your YouTube channel.

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