Consulting Services

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice and access to consultants' specialized expertise. Wikipedia

The Discovery Process

We begin by having conversations to thoroughly understand the current state of your business, goals, and objectives, as well as the strengths and weaknesses that influence how we achieve your success. The discovery stage is an in-depth and frank series of conversations intended to inform all in the exercise about the current state of relevant business affairs. 

With an informed understanding of the overall business, we execute a series of exercises to develop a roadmap to the desired state. The nature of the engagement will dictate the exercises conducted. These exercises typically are small groups but can be individuals. 

Program Assessments

Reviewing the current state of programs is an essential step to understand the current state and to identify corrective action plans. Frequent targets of our efforts are reviewing digital marketing, ecommerce/lead generation, brand position, competitive landscapes, website analytics configurations, pay per click (Google / Bing) advertising, search engine optimization, creative messaging, social media programs as well as organization-wide reviews. 

Client Deliverables

Final deliverables are determined when the statement of work is finalized. Most often the deliverable is an action plan to realign the program under review in such a manner that goal achievement has greater certainty. While we'd love to offer a guarantee, the facts are that an assessment only identifies the issues and recommends corrective actions. Ultimately it is on the program owner to resource and executes the action plan. At the conclusion of the discovery and assessment stage delivery of the recommendations is typically done in person with the program and project teams present. Final documents take the form of a presentation, report of findings, and recommended roadmap.

How Our Consulting Team Can Help

Short-term & Interim Leadership

Key staff members can sometimes leave before you've been able to fill their key role permanently or maybe you've identified areas that just plain need some help or external perspective.  

These types of situations and crises strike businesses. However, as you try to juggle these issues, you still have to perform your own core responsibilities   This is when you might want to consider bringing in an accomplished executive with extensive experience in the exact type of crisis your business is experiencing, just long enough to get you through it.

The Matters. Group has hard to find and uniquely experienced senior talent to do it right, (from start-to-finish). Because of our senior talent – the path is shorter, more direct, and based upon a real-world understanding of the complexities involved in this type of engagement.  We've assembled a seasoned team of marketers and change agents to work with clients to build capabilities that help them grow and sustain high-performing organizations.

The breadth of our experience allows us to provide expert consulting in a variety of forms. Whether developing a customer acquisition strategy, building an internal team, or providing one-to-one coaching we are your trusted advisor. Your objectives are our objectives and our experience is your competitive advantage.

Contact us and let's discuss the challenges you face and share ideas about getting the program back on track. 

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