Change Management

Change Management

The objective of business transformation and Change Management is to assess the team or organization’s existing state of health and then to plan, communicate, and implement improvements and/or whole new approaches to optimize results. Because their priority is to focus on core business operations.

Most businesses and their internal management teams are not able to bring together the time, focus, and skill set to assess and implement effective change or digital transformation. Effective change management requires focus. It takes a comprehensive understanding of how change happens and deep experience. It takes time, leadership, business, and communications that are integrated and implemented to have change become part of the culture.

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Change happens best — When they think it was their idea

Change takes a lot of planning and communication. To start, we do a change Readiness Assessment Evaluating & Learning (REAL) to surface and communicate the factors that will make any change a success. We then design a customized plan of action for going through the transition that will work best for your organization.

"When you’re trying to shift mindsets over skill sets, it’s not about how do you assemble teams and how do you get to a solution, but how do you ultimately sell your vision and how do you get people enthusiastically believing in that vision?”Amit Shah, President of 1-800-Flowers

Each organization, and the teams inside it, are unique and so the scope of transformation will be different for each company’s specific needs.  Even as all people share a critical dependence on similar organic functions such as circulatory and nervous systems but every individual is unique – so it is with businesses and their underlying systems and team dynamics.  Workforce requirements and expectations have changed.  Success is truly tied to clarity, competency, and the shifting dynamics of decision authority and information flows.

Experience in the complex stakeholder interplay that is required for change and a "roll-up your sleeves" approach will drive your high-priority projects to successful completion. So too will our expertise in mentoring your people through the process of adopting new ways of working.

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Uncover your team’s blind spots and skill gaps across three phases of growth.  Use only the toolsets you need to fill those gaps.

Vision Platform is an online and coaching solution designed to guide, align and engage your organization around a clear strategy, evolve your growthplan, and ensure yourcustomers are at the center of your business.

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