what you do

what we do

The Matters Group offers unmatched knowledge of the consumer and an understanding of how to make them your customers. We base both our strategic and tactical marketing recommendations on data-driven consumer insights to achieve our client’s stated goals.

data science and AI in marketing 

The emergence of artificial intelligence and sub disciplines of machine learning and deep learning are enabling insights with the potential to change companies. We’ve embraced these emerging technologies to increase ROI for clients in real-world implementations, not theories.  

 Our ability to cost effectively deploy implementable analytical models is enabling breakthrough insights for our clients.  

Challenges we develop solutions for include:

predictive analytics into consumer behavior | audience targeting |Media campaign optimization and assessing long term impact of messaging on brands preference | Micro-segmentation of consumers to deliver personalized experiences based upon their digital behaviors |Product/service development matched to customer needs and profitability targets | precise real-time analytics based on customer behaviors and operational data

market insights

The results you need — start with understanding the needs of the market. To effectively communicate your message, your brand must understand what your target audience values most. Through research, data-driven analytics, and implemented AI we’re able to deliver insights that fit both your purpose and budget. Insights are the starting point for developing your success.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | business intelligence | location optimization | market research services | media planning and optimization

brand development

A brand begins with an idea and that idea must resonate with an audience. Our Brand Platform exercise delivers a concise series of statements that captures the brand’s essence and includes brand positioning, audience needs, the brand promise, support for the brand promise, brand attributes and values. The final document is your brand’s “True North” and serves as a guide for all future brand activities.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | market insights and research | brand platform and positioning | creative direction | web development | art and design direction | product design

go to market

Entry into a new market is not for the faint of heart. It requires insight-driven strategies and tactics that answer the what, why, how, when and where for product or service launches. In essence your Go To Market program delivers your brand’s unique value proposition to targeted audiences in a manner that establishes a competitive advantage that delivers results you need.

customer acquisition

Whether it’s acquiring your first customers, expanding a customer base or entering a new market, customer acquisition are why firms are in business. Without customers companies die. Our customer acquisition programs focus heavily on digital and integrated media to put your message in front of audiences that will be your best customers resulting in maximized return on your marketing investments.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | web development | lead generation | ecommerce | conversion optimization | content strategy and execution | advertising and media planning | PPC, display, mobile | social media | program management & analytics

lead generation and marketing automation

For B2B and B2C companies having an efficient and continuous inflow of quality sales opportunities is essential. The Matters Group has deep experience in developing lead generation programs incorporating the latest marketing automation technology and tactics to deliver leads cost effectively directly into your sales pipeline.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | marketing insights | advertising | content marketing | inbound marketing | landing page development | lead nurturing | conversion optimization | program management and analytics

cannabis marketing

The emerging legal cannabis market is uncharted territory. There are no established norms, playbooks or blueprints. Those entering the market need an experienced guide like the Matters Group. We know the cannabis consumer and B2B environment like few others. From research to brand development to market entry we are your trusted guide to success.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | web and creative development | advertising and media planning | customer acquisition | campaign management | content and SEO | social media | program management and analytics

cbd and hemp marketing

Though related to the cannabis market, CBD and hemp markets carry their own unique challenges. Confusion among consumers requires a deep understanding of their needs and motivations.

typical services included:

strategic consulting | market insights | brand development | go to market | web and creative development | advertising and media planning | customer acquisition | content and SEO | social media | campaign management | program management and analytics

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We not only know what attitudinal segments your cannabis brand should target, but how to make them your customers. Check out our portfolio to learn more about what we’ve accomplished for our clients.