eBook - Essential Elements of Lead Generation Platforms

Matters Group eBook Essential of Lead Generation PlatformsIn our first eBook, we looked at the media landscape in the digital world and how to transition from face-to-face marketing to targeted digital marketing. We also defined your customer by building personas and understanding their buying journey. Now we look at how marketing automation can streamline your Lead Generation process and the key features of popular automation platforms.

The ebook will walk you through the "need to know" aspects of searching for marketing automation platforms to amp up your lead generation efforts. We cover 4 key aspects of researching marketing automation platforms:

  • - Introduction: Marketing Automation Platforms - What to Look For
  • - The Basics of Marketing Automation in Lead Generation
  • - A Glossary of Key Marketing Automation Terminology
  • - A Features Comparison Between 4 Leading Platforms

 By reading the ebook you'll develop an understanding of which features are essential for your needs in able to be better prepared to make a decision. Download the ebook today and start your journey to more effective lead generation with marketing automation.

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