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Branding is one of the most misunderstood disciplines within marketing. Compounding the problem is the hundreds if not thousands of books by opinionated brand gurus. Hell on Amazon, typing “how to create a brand” returns over 1,000 pages of books on the subject.

Many of these books are well researched, written and developed by very intelligent and experienced brand marketers – we know…we’ve read quite a few of them! But unfortunately many of these books also get caught up in their own perceived self-importance. We want to make this easy.

Here comes Matters Group to the rescue! We’ve distilled decades of work on brands in both digital and traditional markets. As well our experience covers developing and growing brands for consumer goods, business to business markets, product and service companies as well as emerging industries like cannabis. What we’ve found time and again is that brands who have the staying power to fend off strong competitors do one thing extremely well:

They clearly communicate the values they stand for and deliver on their promise to continuously uphold those values to the targeted audience every time without fail.

How hard is it to stand up for what you believe and consistently do what you say you’re going to do? Sounds easy, right? We’ll, we both know it ain’t easy. It’s hard and can be contentious when working with a cross functional team to define the essence of your brand.

So we’ve done the hard part for you: condensed decades of experience into an ebook that will walk you through the five steps to creating a compelling brand story to an interested and excited audience.

Learn the process for developing a strong brand foundation to ignite growth and defend off competitors. Download the branding guide today!

Building Brands That Last eBook

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