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 When Washington State voted to legalize cannabis in November of 2013 we knew the coming years would be interesting. As prerequisite for serving the cannabis industry the team at Matters Group decided self-education was needed first. At the time there was zero qualitative consumer brand research. So we opted to self-fund what would become the first national study on cannabis consumer brand preferences which has been updated twice since. Below are samples of research we've completed for both the industry and clients. Our services include proprietary consumer research to support the research needs of cannabis and mainstream brands.


Research - 2019 cannabis market brand attitudes report & playbook

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In our third updated deep dive into attitudinal segmentation of Americans’ perception of cannabis. We also explored attitudinal differences in states with adult-use and/or medical is legal vs. non-legal states. This edition of our report includes a marketing playbook section to help you develop strategies and tactics for reaching your market.

Attitudes & insights on unique market segments and how to market to them

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Research - 2017 cannabis brand market research report

matters group cannabis brand study report 2017The 2nd round of our nationwide attitudinal research study explores how the unique consumer segments have shifted over the last two years, and how cannabis brand preferences have evolved as well.
Our 2017 study reveals 4 cannabis market segments you need to know