2019 cannabis brand market research report & analysis full report

When studying consumers, research and real-world experience has shown it is the individual’s world view or mindset that influences behavior, much more so than demographics alone. It comes as no surprise then that world view also impacts consumers on a broader level, including how they vote and what brands and products they select.

In our 2015 report, newly legal businesses could get away with a “if we built it, they will come” mentality. They benefited from media interest in a nascent market. By wave 2 in 2017, arriving on the scene was no longer enough to generate national interest in your products and services. In this 2019 report, we see that the competition is stiffening, and newcomers on the scene must work harder to differentiate their products and services to be successful as consumers become better educated, more discerning, and more sophisticated.

In short: branding and good market strategy are necessary for survival, much as they are in any other vertical. That is why, in this report we’ve included a marketing playbook to get your cannabis brand strategy started off on on the right track. Just fill out the form to the right to receive your FREE copy of the 83-page report today!

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the matters. group is the first and only cannabis marketing agency to develop attitudinal segmentation based on proprietary consumer research that gets at the core motivations of what consumers want and why they choose specific cannabis brands. To date we have conducted three separate rounds of research, tracking shifts in segmentation make up throughout 2015, 2017, and 2019.



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