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the matters. group is the only agency that has developed an attitudinal segmentation based on proprietary consumer research that gets at the core motivations of what consumers want and why they choose specific brands.

2019 cannabis market brand attitudes report & playbook

In our third deep dive into attitudinal segmentations of Americans’ perception of cannabis, we surveyed residents in three specific groups of U.S. states: states where cannabis is not legal in any form, states where it is legal for medicinal purposes, and states where recreational use has been legalized.

cannabis branding for men vs. women white paper

This white paper explores the differences between men and women and what cannabis branding appeals to them and why. We’ve compiled specific research findings from our Cannabis Brand Study related to men and women brand preferences into this FREE white paper.

california cannabis branding white paper

Our California Cannabis Branding white paper explores why (and where) California cannabis consumers differ from the rest of the U.S. We’ve compiled the California research findings from our Cannabis Brand Study into this FREE white paper.

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