Cannabis Brand Study 2017



2017 cannabis brands market research report & analysis

Nearly three years ago we launched our first study. Colorado had a legal Adult-Use market operational for less than 6 months. Our home state of Washington had barely begun legal sales. It seems like such a long time ago now but in the short period since then much has happened. The Green Rush is well underway and new states including California have voted to end the prohibition of Adult-Use cannabis. In our view the tipping point has been reached and it is merely a matter of time before cannabis is legal federally. So what now? For us the motivation is to share cumulative decades of branding and marketing knowledge with business pioneers so that the industry can establish best practices for long term growth. An essential element is a healthy business ecosystem are frameworks for acceptable practices. These result in strategies and tactics that lead to wide consumer choices of respected brands. This report shares insights we’ve uncovered through proprietary research into the interest and motivations of consumers by understanding their worldview. For it’s when we understand what motivates emotional connections that we can deliver experiences that genuinely meet consumer needs.


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