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Market: A premium positioned, direct-to-consumer automated cannabis milling machine with an Ai chip to maximize grind efficiency.

Inherited Situation: An existing agency program was ineffective at driving sales with their media strategy. The brand rollout was suffering and was not leveraging paid search & digital media effectively.

Challenges Faced: The management team was under pressure to achieve sales unit volume commitments. Through initial launch and heading into the Q4 holiday season sales performance was underachieving. With the Q4 holidays looming and multiple issues inhibiting progress including existing customer acquisition strategy, website issues and a lack of consumer insights, the decision to start-over was made in September.

Solution Elements: Our team conducted a deep-dive into any consumer and performance data available. We applied learnings from our national consumer research study overlaid with existing data. Next we deployed improvements to the website user experience and conversion funnel optimization. Then utilizing our fresh take on consumer data we revamped the media strategy and activated new media channels and platforms data showed to be cannabis friendly.

results achieved

Ramped media spend to six-figures while delivering positive ROI.

Drove incremental new revenue from new markets

Identified key market segments of product buyers:

  • Women 35-64
  • Men 25-54

Identified preferred paid media channels:

  • Google Ads for paid search
  • Traffic Roots for display
  • Leafly for sponsored content

Identified best performing creative by market segment.

Executed a successful Q4 holiday program exceeding initial unit sales goals.

Effectively drove conversions of premium priced item at a cost per acquisition that retained a 70% per unit gross margin.

how matters.

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