Lead generation is the lifeblood of business to business (B2B) companies. At The Matters Group our core team is well versed in the intricacies and complexities of longer B2B sales cycles. We understand the customer journey can have multiple players with differing degrees and areas of influence. We work with B2B marketing teams to understand the motivations of their key audiences. We collaborate with your team to develop plans for sustainable lead generation or ecommerce customer acquisition and revenue growth.

A strong foundation for a lead generation program incorporates inbound and outbound marketing tactics. Inbound programs leverage content to attract your audience to solutions they’re seeking on your website. The development of quality content pieces becomes an opportunity to share your firm’s insights and knowledge generating interest resulting in great lead volume and quality.

Inbound lead generation assets take the form of ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, and case studies. Digital interactions are tracked and coupled with marketing automation and CRM tools, programs can be optimized to deliver the performance you need. Our expertise emphasizes digital inbound lead generation but we are strong proponents of integrating with outbound marketing activities such as tradeshows, account targeting, and traditional advertising tactics delivering the full power of your brand's message to the target market.

eBook - An introduction to AI for marketing challenges

2019 cannabis brand attitudes report and playbook 800x977 768x938This eBook is intended to spark your thinking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be applied to marketing challenges your organization faces.

Learn about key AI technologies, use cases, and our secret weapon; Latent Effects Modeling

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Case Studies - B2B Technology

Case Study - UC4

Improve Digital Channel Lead Capture Performance The Challenge A leading global provider of IT infrastructure automation solutions needs to strengthen its U.S. presence. The woefully underperforming program needed to produce leads or risked...

29-01-2021 Hits:710 B2B Technology

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Case Study - Liquid Planner

Grow Customer Acquisition & Reboot Digital Marketing The Challenge A ground-breaking product had lost steam since its introduction. Existing lead generation programs weren’t performing. Lack of internal resources and expertise had hampered...

29-01-2021 Hits:656 B2B Technology

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Case Study - Krusteaz

The Challenge A leading global provider of packaged foods needed to determine if new packages would improve sales. Previous package-testing research of the traditional kind was inconclusive.  We needed more penetrating...

25-06-2021 Hits:345 Advanced Analytics

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