Change Only Lasts - When They Think It Was Their Idea

Ask questions. Focus on strengths — not on what's wrong.  Build a "probability" of change, not a "possibility" In every Change Management scenario that I've been involved in.  The stakeholders who I interview are desperate to tell me what's wrong with the organization.  They are in so much pain that the...
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Leadership in 2021 Begins with Advanced Analytics

Since the advent of Big Data Analytics over a decade ago, the challenge has been to gather the data so that you can see the data and display it in such a way as to allow it to be useful in the day-to-day processes of a business.  Dashboards are very popular...
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Digitally-enabled Business Transformation - The Process

There are many, many methodologies for Change Management out there — Clayton Christensen's - Jobs to be Done, Potter, Appreciative Inquiry, and more.  Literally, thousands of books have been written on the subjects of digital transformation. Despite what the pundits and large consulting firms might say.  No one size fits all....
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Leadership vs Management in Change and Crisis

There’s a fascinating emerging set of literature on true leadership (versus management) of crises. One of the signal books in this genre is Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath. The author explains that true leaders are people whose names you don’t know. Why is that?...
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