Social Media for Cannabis Businesses

5 social media basics all cannabis businesses should follow

Many traditional forms of advertising are unavailable or too costly for many cannabis businesses today. This is perhaps why so many of them have turned to social media to engage with their customers and expand their overall reach. However, many of these businesses are also realizing that just being on social media isn’t enough. You have to go in with a plan in order for your social media efforts to pay off. You also have to pay close attention to what you’re doing every step of the way so that you can make sure you are representing your brand well, and following each channel’s guidelines accordingly.

And so, without further ado… Social media also isn’t rocket science.

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digital marketing foundations for the cannabis industry: SMAC

cannabis brand strategyWhen it comes to establishing a digital marketing presence, companies in the cannabis industry can’t follow the typical route. Many if not most advertising channels are unavailable to reach a broad market. Sure, there are tons of cannabis themed websites that cover topics from culture to growing to the business side of things and all are happy to take your money. Far fewer are able to deliver the sophistication of mainstream online advertising networks and platforms. For sure, things are evolving but we’re a long way from the digital cannabis space being on par with the mainstream. That being the case digital cannabis marketers need to think differently. Building visibility and connecting with your audience requires a dose of S.M.A.C. That’s short for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Content.

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targeting the cannabis industry on linkedin

While you can’t market cannabis products on LinkedIn, B2B marketers in other industries still have the option to target marijuana and cannabis related businesses. LinkedIn will allow you to run pay per click online ads to this audience. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 4 ways you can find an audience using LinkedIn Ads

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