Even the President Can't Stop this High

Haze Comey

A strain so strong you’ll say, “Lordy!”

Stormy Dank

We guarantee your high will last longer than 60 minutes.

an alternative way to celebrate trump’s impending(ish?) impeachment

When the majority of America and the world are celebrating Trump’s impeachment, we’re sure many will be choosing a drink to do so. We feel cannabis smokers needed an option as well.

who will bring him down: the feds, the felons, or the favors from foreign leaders?

Root for your pick with your purchase! We’ll keep a tally of who is selling out the best on our website. All proceeds will go toward the next impeachment of president 46, Mike Pence!

trainwreck giuliani


Need an energy boost? This strain is so uplifting, you could appear on a different talk show every night for weeks on end without getting tired! Some users have reported forgetting what they just said, but all users are damn sure what they said was perfectly legal.

white widow whistleblower


We’re still not entirely sure what all this strain has in store, it seems every day more and more people are reporting new and interesting effects. Keep your eye on this hybrid, we think it’s about to take off.

ukraine kush


Feel like there’s too much pressure on you day to day? Many of those who call this their favorite strain report feeling “no pressure at all” within minutes. Smoke with a friend and scratch each other’s backs as you relax to this totally mellow indica.

stormy dank


This strain of Sativa made waves back when it was first introduced in 2011, but it’s been relatively quiet since. Until now. It’s back, and people can’t get enough. This high is guaranteed to last longer than 60 minutes.

andrew mcKush


This strain has a signature look even beginners can recognize. A Sativa dominant hybrid, don’t let this strain’s initial calming euphoria fool you, it can and will deal some significant head blows.

haze comey


Most people either love or hate this strain, and for a variety of reasons. But it’s hard to miss this polarizing Indica with its statuesque nugs and strong aroma. A buzz that’ll have you saying “Lordy!”

karen mcDiesel


This Indica dominant Hybrid sneaks up on you slowly, and just when you think the high has dissipated, it comes back with a mellow head high that will leave you wanting more.

paul middlefork


This energetic Sativa is only for the pros. The high from these well-manicured buds is sneaky and lasts in the system long after it should be gone. Illusions of grandeur and disconnection from reality have been previously reported.

granddaddy purpledopoulos


We’re not sure why people don’t hear more about this Indica strain. By all accounts it’s far more potent than its fans have let on. A mellow high that’s great when partnered with your morning coffee.


When others are popping champagne, we have a better way to celebrate.


Roll your favorites in your very own impeachment papers!