Color Palettes from Famous Stoner Films

Color is incredibly important for any brand. As many others have pointed out, a large percentage of cannabis brands are developing brands using the same design schemes and color palettes. So we collected color palettes from some of the most famous stoner movies of all time to help cannabis brands start thinking outside the box when it comes to color.

cheech & chong’s up in smoke


This bold and bright color palette would be great for a cannabis lifestyle brand that emphasizes the experiential benefits of cannabis experiences. 

fast times at ridgemont high


This color palette is a nice throwback to the late 70’s and early 80’s retro-style, perfect for a cannabis brand that wants to appeal to an older demographic that may have previously consumed cannabis, and may be interested in trying it again.

bill & ted’s excellent adventure


This color palette has several different shades of blue and subdued reds, it could be perfect for a brand that’s going for a surfer/beach vibe.

dazed and confused


This inviting color palette has a good mix of mellow colors that would be great for a cannabis brand or products that emphasize relaxation.



This smooth color palette is one of our favorites! A perfect mix of colors for a cannabis brand that offers products with varying ratios of THC:CBD.

the big lebowski


The Lebowski color palette is a subdued color palette with mostly warm colors, it would probably best fit a medical cannabis brand.

half baked


This bright color palette is all over the place, probably best for an informational cannabis brand, like a news site, where a wide range of colors is needed to represent several different content types and categories.

dude, where’s my car?


This earth tone color palette is great for a cannabis brand that wants to incorporate a more sustainable/environmentally friendly look and feel to their brand.

soul plane


The Soul Plane color palette includes some very vibrant purples, probably best used for cannabis brands and product lines of non-edible products like lotions and balms.

harold & kumar go to white castle


This color palette is comprised mostly of colors on the cooler side of the wheel and would probably best be used for a CBD product line.

grandma’s boy


The Grandma’s Boy color palette is the darkest of the bunch, probably best used for a cannabis product line of edibles like cookies, caramels, and brownies.

pineapple express


This color palette is comprised entirely of earth tones, perfect for a brand that wants to emphasize a commitment to nature and sustainability.

color is subjective, that’s where research comes in.

A strong color palette conveys what your business does, makes sense to your target audience, and helps you stand out from the competition. And so, it’s important to select a color palette that not only appeals to you as the business owner, but a color palette you know appeals to your target audience as well. All of this information can be ascertained via consumer research and focus groups.



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