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Digitally-enabled Business Transformation - The Process

Digitally Enabled Business Transformation

There are many, many methodologies for Change Management out there — Clayton Christensen's - Jobs to be Done, Potter, Appreciative Inquiry, and more.  Literally, thousands of books have been written on the subjects of digital transformation. Despite what the pundits and large consulting firms might say.  No one size fits all.

In the end, it takes experience to determine which methodology will work best for each engagement.  That said, there are a number of universal processes that apply to each engagement, and they are not unfamiliar ones.

The Transformational Process

No matter how you approach it.  Change and digital-enabled business transformation begin and end with engaged collaboration. Sessions that help both the consultant and the stakeholders understand the complexities of the issues at hand as well as to learn that strategy and data are part of a solution that crosses departmental boundaries. Factors that are essential to the overall long-term health of the organization and the success of the transformation. 

  • Orientation: develop a new perspective that drives meaningful change.
  • People: understand customer values, expectations, and behaviors.
  • Processes: assess operational infrastructure and update technologies, processes, and policies to support organizational change.
  • Objectives: define the outcomes of digital transformation, alignment of stakeholders, and what success will feel like.
  • Structure: create an empowered and dedicated digital experience team with roles, responsibilities, objectives, and accountabilities clearly defined.
  • Insights & Intent: research and apply insights to drive the strategy and guide tactical digital evolution.
  • Technology: revisit front and backend systems for a seamless, integrated, and native customer and internal user experience.
  • Execution: implementation, adapt and adoption of change that drives ongoing digital transformation and customer experience forward.
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