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Matters Group To Release Groundbreaking Qual-Survey on Cannabis Consumers


Canna Ventures (now The Matters Group) has launched a groundbreaking new study on marijuana branding in the US. It is scheduled for release in early October 2014. This survey doesn’t simply retrace the familiar knowledge about adoption and usage. While valuable in its appropriate realm, such insights have been publicized by many other survey organizations. Instead the survey is designed to show the shape of “ideal marijuana brand,” as reported from consumers. It will serve as an important guideline to developing marijuana brands in the states that have already approved recreational use, as well as states that soon will.

The Survey, Launched on July 29, Will Cover:

  • What kind of brand would users be most strongly attracted to?
  • What kinds of people would be most strongly attracted to the ideal brand?
  • Among the consumer types, which are most and least marijuana-friendly?
  • How strongly and frequently would the most marijuana-friendly types patronize the ideal brand?
  • What messaging from the ideal brand is most likely to appeal to the users in order to create brand loyalty?

In summary, the survey will uncover what we can learn about the nature and behavior of the more numerous “other” types of consumers. Those whose feelings toward marijuana range from ambivalent to opposed. How do they influence acceptance and adoption of the ideal marijuana brand? The survey insights will be critical for emerging brands targeting recreational and medical users. The data will be the basis for marketing plans targeting all stages of the value chain. From growers to producers to retailers and ancillary products and services, those who establish their brands will be the winners in the market. The fundamental question to be answered is: What are the attributes that, if communicated properly, cement the bond between brand and consumer? The study will answer those brand-development questions, among many other questions relating to the ideal marijuana brand. Stay tuned!

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