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Forget Edibles, Drinkables Are The New Hot Product



Drinkables have emerged onto the legal marijuana product scene in a big way. Despite some recent, literal explosions on the market the user-friendly method of imbibing marijuana has taken first Colorado, then Washington by storm.

A Bevy of Beverages

Lemonades, fruit juices, coffees and sodas have joined the cadre of caramels and trail mixes to give canna consumers a new way to relax. The infused-drinks are mostly made by grinding marijuana and then letting the concoctions stew until the desired potency is reached. Of course, Washington restrictions maintain that a serving cannot exceed 10 milligrams of THC. Several companies have already emerged on the new market with state-licensed products ready to sell. Zoots, a brand of Db3, sells individual shots of marijuana-infused teas. Mirth Provisions, offers a variety of sodas, lemonades and coffees. With so few players in a thirsty market the future of who will make the best drinkables remains in questions. As with the whole of the industry, the legal youth of licensed processors means a very uncertain, and exciting, future.

Careful with your Cannabis

Though Colorado has welcomed edible and marijuana-infused products into its retail stores since their opening, Washington took things a little more carefully. Because of some nervousness over two Colorado deaths, in which edible marijuana may have played a role, Washington rule makers made an emergency rule change before stores opened. The new stricter standard leaves local canna lovers with less options, but tighter control on what’s available. For instance, current processing rules restrict businesses from pasteurizing, canning or refrigerating products. This limits the types of drinks that can be produced, making many products still illegal. Remember, Washington rule makers remain extremely cautious with the type of products they will approve. The state Liquor Control Board has repeatedly expressed a desire to ensure no products will attract or appeal to underage users.

Can I Get a Sip Off That?

As said previously, the obvious benefits for both the industry and consumers of drinkables, is the ease and approachability of use. For a market trying to establish itself as mature in the face of legalization and for curious customers who always wanted to try recreational marijuana, drinkables offer an excellent opportunity. The state expects a great amount of marijuana revenue to stem from tourism, so a large variety of products should only appeal more to out-of-towners. Moreover, the expansion of products offered by drinkables reflects the growing experimentation of the industry at large. So, drink responsibly!


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