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5 Scary Cannabis Website Mistakes to Avoid


The digital space is an extremely important channel for businesses today, especially businesses in the cannabis industry. Your website is really your digital storefront so to speak; in many cases, it’s the first (or only) touch point many of your customers have with your business.

And because it’s almost Halloween, we thought it may be helpful to explain the importance of having a good website by using some favorite scary movies and shows to help illustrate some common mistakes:

1. When The Phone Is Not Your Friend i.e. A Non-Mobile Responsive Site

More and more customers are using mobile devices to get information about products and services.  Recent statistics indicate mobile internet traffic (smartphones, tablets) accounts for around 50% of all internet traffic globally and continues to grow at double-digit rates. In the US, mobile usage is even higher.  Mobile users have notoriously short attention spans so if the website isn’t mobile-friendly users will go somewhere else.

2. When People Keep Disappearing i.e. Confusing Navigation/Site Organization

Because more and more customers are now using the internet to research products and services, their patience level for easy-to-navigate websites is also a lot lower. Everything being equal, if a customer can navigate your competitor’s website more easily than yours, why wouldn’t they buy from them instead of you?

3. When You’re Attracting the Wrong Attention i.e. Not Optimized for Your Target Audience

Your website performance can’t be based solely on how many visitors it attracts each month, especially if that traffic is neither engaged nor considered qualified leads. When optimizing the main pages of your website, use keyword phrases that indicate the lead is more qualified. After all, it’s not how many people you get to your store – but instead how many people you get to buy something once they’re there.

4. When You Get Stuck Frozen in Time i.e. Your Website is Outdated

Since the website is such an important part of an organization’s marketing efforts, it’s important to project to your target audience that your brand is up to date and up using the latest standards and technology. An old, outdated website may not give that impression to current and potential customers or clients. This applies not only to technology but the content on your site. Monthly updates at a minimum.

5. When You Believe the System is “Rigged” i.e. Either You, Your Website or Business Operations Don't Follow Best Practices

No the system isn't rigged. You're cutting corners, taking shortcuts, and hanging out with dubious characters (note we didn't say "doobiest" characters). There are plenty of good content management systems (CMSs) out there that follow best SEO practices. It’s extremely important when selecting a CMS that SEO capabilities are taken into consideration as well as design and functionality.

A website is like a living being. It requires nourishment, regular care, and to be taken care of. The more you baby your baby, the higher the likelihood it'll grow up to be a productive member of or at least attract more of your target market. We hope this post will help you avoid a few nightmares as you develop a new website or improve an existing one.

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