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3 Mobile Marketing Tips for Cannabis Businesses

On average today more than half of in-home devices are mobile, and mobile searches and purchases continue to rise. In a recent econsultancy study, businesses surveyed reported an average of 50.8% of their total digital traffic having come via mobile devices in 2020, up from 13% in 2017. This trend is only going to continue to grow as we see mobile becoming the eventual dominant platform to engage customers. The following are the three most important mobile tips for cannabis businesses:

1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With more and more digital traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s essential that you make your website mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means that it is easy for the viewer to navigate your site on their mobile device (ex: phones, tablets, etc.).

What about Apps?
Choosing a theme or template for your website that uses responsive design for all of your site’s pages will help to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

Some businesses have chosen to develop mobile apps instead of investing in making their websites mobile friendly. Apps can be really useful, however, depending on your business, not every customer or potential customer is ready to download your app in order to view your services and/or products. You are going to lose a lot of your mobile traffic customers if you force them to download an app in order to easily view your content. Instead, we recommend that you provide your customers with the option of downloading an app or viewing a mobile friendly site on their phone. Don’t get us wrong, apps can be extremely valuable tools if your business receives a lot of online orders, is membership-based, or has loyalty programs.  The key with apps is that they need to provide real value to the user. They have to be easy-to-use and developed with the customers’ needs in mind first. If you’re thinking of developing an app for your business, we highly recommend you start by asking your current customers what they would like to get out of it.

2. Make Mobile Check-Outs As Easy As Possible

If a customer is ready to buy, the checkout process is the last place you want to lose them. There are several things you can do to streamline the checkout process and make it as straightforward for the customer as possible, here are a few examples:

  • Only require information from the customer that is absolutely needed to complete the transaction.
  • Make sure the auto-fill settings are enabled for your online forms so that people can easily complete a form without having to enter all of their information in via their phone.
  • Allow for more than one payment option. More and more people are turning to other payment solutions like PayPal for completing online purchases.

3. Create Mobile Friendly Marketing Campaigns

There are a variety of tactics you can incorporate into your current marketing plan that will optimize your content for your mobile audiences.

  • Choose email platforms that produce mobile friendly versions of your emails
  • Develop mobile ads for channels with large mobile audiences, like Instagram and Facebook
  • Add easy call to action buttons to website, social profiles and online listings for easy contact

If developing a campaign specifically for you mobile audience, think of channels that are primarily mobile (ex: text messaging), and offers that are on-the-go engagement opportunities (ex: in-store sale happening now).  

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