Cannabis Packaging

why the cannabis consumer experience should be boring

I consider myself a relatively new cannabis user. Other than the small number of times I was exposed to marijuana in college or high school, I’m a “newbie”; less than informed about strains and THC levels and everything in between. I’m a married, middle class professional mother of three, rediscovering this new world of cannabis as both a patient and a consumer.

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ad-wise: know the rules for marijuana marketing & advertising

Like liquor before it, marijuana marketing has many restrictions. It took the Washington State Liquor Control Board quite a while to finalize the rules for 502 implementation and part of that was figuring out just how far marijuana businesses could go in selling their wares to an eager public. Now that the state has begun distributing licenses and businesses get rolling, let’s take a look at some of the basic and some of the more obscure elements of advertising for retail marijuana.

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