Cannabis Market Research

sexy vs. sexist cannabis advertising

sexist cannabis advertising
Picture the scene… It is CannaCon, a respectable B2B cannabis industry tradeshow in Denver, Colorado. I am walking and talking with Morgan, at the time President of the MJBA, later Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Women’s Alliance. We were discussing what topics we should discuss on an upcoming panel about the role of women in the cannabis industry we were both participating in that afternoon. All of a sudden, we both stop in our tracks at the sight of a nearly naked, black leather thong and biker jacket clad woman appearing to sit on some heavy machinery.

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an overview of the “indies” segment of cannabis consumers

During our market research on consumer motivations in cannabis  brand attribute preference, we have consistently seen four segments emerge among consumers, who we call “Traditionalists,” “Outsiders,” “Indies” and “Idealists.” Of these four, “Indies” and “Outsiders” are the most likely to patronize cannabis brands on a regular basis.

California cannabis consumer target segment

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the Indies, who have increased by 15% since 2014. They currently make up about 26% of the population, and about 31% in California.

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the new bottom line for cannabis consumers

Once upon a time, not really that long ago, commerce was relatively simple: you made a product and, hopefully, people bought it and you made money. Consumers based their purchase on product utility: did they need it and would they use it? They certainly didn’t give much thought about the company in terms of what it stood for, who was running it, what its religious or political beliefs were, or whether it shared the same values they had. They understood that companies were in business to make and sell products, and people either bought it or didn’t.

It was simple, really.

That’s how it was for decades.

Then, along came the Internet and everything changed.

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the 5 rules of building a brand for cannabis businesses

cannabis brand development strategy
Before all is said and done, and you’re about to layout a roadmap for your canna brand, I believe there are five rules in building a brand you should know and, hopefully, follow.  I’ve listed them in order of importance, as follows, and while the rules are relevant for any-size company, I’ve written them from the perspective of the start-up or smaller company, which we meet more often in this new category.

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consumer research & marijuana brands: finding your customers

identify target customes
Whenever I hear a client say, generally with great conviction, “I know my customer,” my heart freezes, because, much too often, it’s related to his own less than objective perceptions, anecdotes from his sales people, or what the spouse says. But, you really cannot build your business on hearsay and assumptions. So, I ask one simple question: When is the last time you talked to your customer?

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who are your customers? unmasking marijuana consumers

cannabis brands research 2014 report creative
There is a myriad of negative stereotypes many of those in mainstream culture use to describe marijuana consumers.  The truth is, there is no one type of person who smokes or eats or vapes marijuana. Marijuana consumers are an extremely diverse group of people, which can make finding the target audience for your particular marijuana product, that much more difficult.

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