cannabis websites – top considerations for building a website

The fundamentals – why we, as business owners and marketers – do what we do doesn’t change much when we move from brick-and-mortar to the virtual, digital space in which so many of us do business nowadays. That’s why we explain to our clients that their website really is their virtual “flagship storefront.” While everything changes, it really all stays the same.

In this blog post we’ve put together ten considerations for developing a website for your cannabis business.

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developing a winning digital marketing strategy for cannabis businesses

Winning is the core of any strategy. Whether you’re a one-person start up or with a corporation: you want to win. Even a non-profit wants to win for the audience they serve.

“… a strategy is a coordinated and integrated set of five choices: a winning aspiration, where to play, how to win, core capabilities, and management systems.” – Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works

When flushed out, the five choices provide a framework that will lead to your custom digital marketing playbook for your cannabis business.

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Why matters.?

In 2009 I had no intention of starting a company. I was co-founder of a digital agency that had made a name for itself as Google AdWords came to dominate digital marketing. As things would play out by the end of March I found myself without a job and without any prospects all while the general economy was still recovering from The Great Recession. Boohoo for me.

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a lesson for luxury cannabis brands from the bath & beauty industry

I was once VP Marketing for a retail chain in the bath and beauty category. We started in Seattle and grew to over 300 stores nationally, with comp sales increasing as much as 60% over the previous year.  We had a successful public offering and the sales growth continued. I truly thought I’d found the place to spend the rest of my career.

Then, it all hit the proverbial fan and today the company no longer exists. I believe what happened to that brand then, is a real lesson for all cannabis brands and marketers today.

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cannabis packaging checklist & resources

california cannabis packaging guidelines
From legal requirements to ensuring you have cohesive brand messaging, there are wide range of considerations that go into designing cannabis packaging. The following is a short list of the most important design considerations as well as a cannabis advertising and packaging and labeling resources for cannabis businesses.

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brand activism™ checklist for cannabis brands

brand activism
The realization I’ve come to over the years is that these brand documents are intellectual exercises that fail to excite the heart, and, as a result, are a waste of time. We know a better way. It’s called Brand Activism™.

The simple fact is that a brand document has to get the heart pumping, and the reason we developed Brand Activism™. It’s intent is to give life to your brand by identifying and then leveraging that core spark that ignites passion within both the company and your consumers.

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how to advertise on google – tips for cannabis businesses

So you’re trying to run AdWords ads for your cannabis brand and want to know how to do that? I won’t lie. It isn’t easy. And as consultants who have been running ads on Google AdWords starting back when those were on cuneiform on clay tablets – it feels that long ago – for all kinds of products and services, trying to do the same for our cannabis clients – and ourselves – can be a challenge.
jim carrey GIF by O&O, Inc
We thought we would share some tips and tactics we have found to occasionally get you past the Google Police.

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google tools for cannabis businesses – beyond adwords

google and cannabisMost of the channels for connecting and developing an audience are off limits to cannabis businesses. Within the Google marketing ecosystem we’re specifically referring to Google AdWords. As much as Google disgust us with their advertising policies and removal of cannabis related search information, there are still options that marketers should consider to leverage Google’s power to build an audience.

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