more about dorota

With over 20 years of experience in promotion, branding and marketing, Dorota has worked with many types of organizations and businesses with a focus on growth and commercial success. Dorota started her career as an activist with pioneering international women’s rights organizations that worked in Eastern Europe, South America and Africa. After completing her MBA, Dorota took on the role of  Product Director for the cardiac surgery division of J&J, where she gained experience in the productization and marketing of medical devices. She then joined Strategix Vision, an industrial design firm specializing in medical design as its Vice President of Marketing & Sales, later moonlighting as marketing advisor for NeoMed, a medical instrument start-up based out of Cleveland, OH. In 2009 Dorota joined Eric Layland as his business partner in Confluence Digital, the parent company of Canna Ventures and now the matters. group. As head of business business development, marketing strategy and client engagement, Dorota oversees marketing program implementation and acts as the chief steward of client and partner relations.