About Us

About Us

A History of Delivering High Performing Data-Driven Programs

The Matters. Group officially launched operations on June 1, 2009, in Seattle, Washington as Confluence Digital. Eric Layland founded the company based on his strong belief that multiple streams of data, unified into a confluence of actionable insights for lead generation, research, and digital marketing are infinitely more valuable than siloed operations and tactics and that effective, strategic integration across all marketing channels will deliver greater returns on investment than skin deep ad hoc solutions.

In early 2014 Confluence, Digital joined forces with Uppercut Advertising to create Confluence Marketing. The branding, research, creative and media capabilities of Uppercut have proven an ideal complement to the digital focus of Confluence Digital ever since.

Also in 2014, Confluence created a second branded agency, Canna Ventures, to serve the needs of the newly legal and emerging cannabis industry.  Canna Ventures produced the first nationwide attitudinal research on cannabis at the time. The resulting market segmentations have guided program management for many new cannabis companies. These research efforts were updated in 2016 and 2019. 

In 2020 Confluence and Canna Ventures were unified under a single brand - The Matters Group to better serve both our mainstream and alternative market client needs.

How the Matters Group Works with Clients

Data. Matters.

We turn data into action. Data generated from business operations is an asset you own. When used properly the creation of data is literally printing money. The data are your assets for use by your organization to better understand who and how you serve your markets. 

Data Matters. We’re a collective of strategists, technologists, change agents, marketers, creatives, analysts, specialists, and generalists. Our mission is to enable your company to realize its potential using data as our guide. We believe quality data + experience + knowing your market leads to more profitable organizations and healthier brands. 

Our best work is in support of growth-seeking funded startups and mid-market firms in complex and dynamic industries. We don’t chase shiny objects. We rely on proven methodologies and deliver the results you need. We don’t play games or company politics. We’ll tell you exactly what needs to happen, what to look out for, and where the opportunities are. And we expect appropriately resourced programs to deliver the results needed for success. 

Experience. Matters.

Few things of value have ever been accomplished by individuals working alone. The vast majority of our advancements — whether in science, business, arts, or sports — are the result of coordinated human activity, or people working together as a cohesive unit. The best way to maximize team output is to increase cognitive diversity, which is significantly more likely to occur if you can get people of different ages (and experiences) working together.

Our approach develops your in-house leadership and talents — Going through the process with experienced leadership also develops clarity which can then be more easily disseminated to both execs and the wider org via a focused direction.

Fit. Matters.

If you try to achieve your results using just a few tactics, you may get a result, but you won’t get the results you need. However, if you want to take the steps necessary to succeed, we are your team. Get in touch with us today. 

Our Experience Brings Clarity To Complex Efforts

The Matters team has a combined 50+ years in digital marketing, consumer research, advanced analytics, lead generation, digital transformation & change management leadership. Our core team has built and delivered countless digital marketing and lead generation programs to hundreds of clients since 1996 when the concept was brand new. In fact when the principals of the Matters Group started in digital, the key channels were Compuserve and AOL - remember those names?

There are no rookies at the helm here. We cut our teeth in the dawning of the dotcom era. Our team has all “been there” and “done that” as serial entrepreneurs, business owners, people and product managers,  marketers and leaders.

We are successful operations experts in starting, running, growing, and transforming businesses. Given the breadth of our collective experience, we are able to successfully work with clients big and small as well as corporate and not-for-profit.

Best of all, we are all happy to say that we do what we do because we have fun doing it. We enjoy the problem solving inherent in transforming businesses and deploying new business methods. The reason we get hired is we know the mistakes you've not even considered yet. 

We believe: "A Job worth doing.  Is worth doing right."

Ask yourself if you truly agree with the statement above. If you don't, we may not be the right firm for you.

  • We don't cut corners.
  • We use a matrixed approach to develop solutions that own the sale from beginning to end.
  • We guide clients to an understanding of the bigger picture.
  • We’re going to make you go through each one of the steps – together. (i.e. “Do it right. From the start.”)
  • If you try to achieve your results using just a few tactics, you may get a result, but you won’t get the results you need.
  • In truth...because we believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right, you may hate us just a little bit - until you love us.

As a matter of principle, we choose to work with firms and organizations that deliver their products and services to the market in an ethical and socially responsible manner, respecting their company’s internal and external stakeholders and aspiring towards environmental sustainability.

 We make a difference for companies that strive to make a difference.

We promise to always give our very best and to constantly challenge ourselves to further our depth of understanding to excel at what we do for our clients and ourselves.

We strive to be recognized as a leading provider of data and insight-driven customer acquisition solutions, systems and processes that enable people to transform their organizations into digital enterprises. We are committed to earning our clients’ trust through outstanding execution and uncompromising dedication to what is needed for success.


The Matters Group mission is to help our clients achieve and exceed their digital operations growth and revenue goals. We seek to accomplish this through the creation and superior execution of revenue-driving solutions. We are dedicated to developing fully customized, accountable programs to address each client’s unique situation. We are further committed to analyzing program data and translating it into actionable business insights that can directly impact each client’s growth and success.

We like to hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. This speaks in equal measure to the quality of our work, our dedication, and the methods we choose to utilize in our work.

We aspire to conduct ourselves every day according to the following set of principles:

    • We believe in respect, loyalty, and open communication.
    • We recognize that our people are our greatest assets.
    • We believe true success is achieved when all benefit.
    • We value the inter-relatedness of business, society, and the environment.
    • We value each individual’s need to develop a diverse and deep character.
    • We seek to become a trusted advisor to each of our clients.
    • We aspire towards continuous improvement in all we do.